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The goal of this plan is to increase Brand Awareness and sales of your Business. The target market is potential customers in the Dhaka area or the whole country. This idea is using intelligent & intense online marketing to increase the number of motivated customers visiting the web site, build awareness of the products/services, create confidence in the company, and help increase leads, sales and profits. Khaled IT Limited is providing these services for years. Hear from our customers about the story of their success after we took their brand responsibility. We have the polish networking skill to provide you the required and customized service for your business. Services that will boost your customer engagement online and offline with assured increasing of the volume of your gross sales.

1. Enhance Web Site Content:  Use click and conversion data from PPC (pay-per-click) ads and call tracking to revise web site content including body copy, heads, and more.  Ensure the marketing message focuses directly on Sample Small Business’s target market, and create a clear message for potential customers to discover through search.

2. Optimize Web Site Structure: The website is built in WordPress, so the platform is up-to-date and adequate.  We have recommend changes to the web site navigation for better usability and to increase the click-to-conversion ratio.  For example, change page names to better reflect content for search engines. Add a contact form and thank you page. Add a phone number above the average fold. As the part of the design we prefer to be responsive so it can be viewed by as many electronic device as it can such as mobile and tabs and so on.

3. SEO: A successful SEO campaign will help you find new markets and explore new economies. Social media platforms and mobile marketplaces can take your traffic levels to a whole new stage by boosting your SEO performance.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising: This is a paid service where you pay the service provider every time your link is clicked. This kind of marketing is quite popular with internet marketers. Apart from Google and Yahoo there are many other pay per click services available

Rooopokar Creative Studio is offering the finest SEO service within the country. Our services include informational articles for marketing, use existing informational articles focusing on the business as marketing tactic. Article writing about your company, mission, and vision will come up with outstanding results. In one word we will established your blog and draw more traffic towards your website.

Complete intensive keyword research. Add more keywords to copy, image tags, titles, headings, internal links, revise sitemap, and other areas. Submit site to major search engines after all changes are made to site. Establish strategies to target specific geographic areas.

5. Email Marketing:  There are so many benefits of email marketing such as you can choose the targeted recipients and send them personalized email. With email marketing, it becomes incredibly easy to see what graphics, headlines, offers and even colors your users and customers will respond to. Email Marketing Campaign is very effective such as collect email addresses from customers and web site visitors. Create and send out periodic emails with information, subtle sales pitch and special offers. Create special landing page on the web site for the subject of email, and to track the response.

We can initiate and integrate current marketing efforts with online integrate current marketing programs such as flyers, mailers with online marketing. For example, add mention of specific features or offers on web site to all mailers. Add mention of flyers and other materials to web site.

6. Refine Use of Google Maps/Google Local Search:  Create/refine a business listing with Google that contains all relevant information about the business and helps customers easily locate the company. Focus on local search because of nature of the target market and increasing use of mobile search.

7. Video Marketing: Create a simple video for marketing purposes, place on Home page and promote it throughout site. For example, a subject could be “Five things you need to know about Student Visa Counselors”. Use this to attract leads and traffic. Post video on YouTube with link back to Local Business Example site.

8. Web Press Release:   Create and send out an electronic press release with news/information announcement, link back to web site. Work with Local Business Example to determine news angle or create an “informational release” if there is no news. This type of publicity is designed to create more “buzz” about your Business, and increase site visits. This can also boost image and market presence.

9. Set up Blog:   Set up blog, and strategy for networking. Create initial blog entry. Employees should be encouraged to write regular blog entries. Enable RSS feed for blog.

10. Social Media Marketing: Create strategy for social network marketing. Set up a company profile on several social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and other social media channels. Employees should be active on profiles. On all postings, link back to web site, blog, and any articles online.  LinkedIn can give local business example the chance to develop contacts with suppliers, potential suppliers, customers, and others. Facebook is used by many companies to create product pages, establishing a presence and links in a huge online community.  Profile pages from these sites often appear when your company name is entered in Google.

Brand visibility – Conversations about your brand may already be happening online, so you might as well participate in a way that pays close attention to the interests of your customers. Promotion of products by providing information to educate customers about products can go a long way towards building new business. Link building by creating content that attracts links and promoting it in social media news and bookmarking sites can attract links from bloggers and more web site traffic.

We are here for you. Once your come to us your brand becomes our responsibility. So feel free to visit and do contact with us at . our local office is at 54/1, Dakshin Khan, Dhaka. Contact 01719690009 for more information and get a quotation for your brand and company.

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