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Websites for coaches who know that prioritizing people leads to profits

I create inclusive online presences that help you book more clients and build a thriving coaching business that reflects your unique and multi-layered identity.

Because when you show up as your full self, you create space for your clients to do the same.

How can I help?

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Online Coach

“I have an established coaching business, and I’m ready for a website that showcases my expertise, reflects my values, and helps me book more clients.”

Web Designer

“I’m ready to grow my design business, and I’m looking for guidance and support from someone who’s been in my shoes so that I can fast-track my version of success.”

Let’s create an online space for your business where everyone belongs

When you design for the margins, you end up with something that works for everyone. Creating with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind isn’t just a good thing to do — it’s good business.

If you’re a coach who’s passionate about changing the world, let’s start with your online world. We’ll work together to build an online presence for your business that embraces all of your identities, so you can attract and book clients who are driven to do the same.

“Besides being an awesome website designer, Khaled’s questions and curiosities helped me get clearer on my own business, what I want and where I’m going.”

— Kelsey Paul
Mindfulness Coach for Kids and Teens Netherlands

“You took a genuine interest in my goals to help people, and worked with me to gently bring out things about my brand that I was unable to articulate on my own.”

— Meredith Keith-Chirch
Founder of Decolonizing Your Health
United States

For Designers

What are you looking for today?

Mentorship Program

You became a freelance designer to carve your own path — but you don’t have to walk that journey alone. My mentorship program offers personalized support as you build a successful web design business, your way.

Self-Starter Resources

From templates to courses, my shop is full of resources to help you improve your skills, sell your services with ease, and get paid good money to work with clients you want to be friends with.

Free Web Design Business Roadmap

With all the business advice out there, it can be hard to focus on what makes sense for you. Find out which stage of business you’re at + what to do next with this free roadmap.
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I create inclusive websites that allow your superpowers to shine.

Like most people with marginalized identities, I spent the first part of my career (and life) modifying who I was, for the sake of achieving someone else’s definition of success.

Everything changed when I started using my business as a way to live the full expression of myself. 

I realized that sharing my lived experience and unique perspective not only allowed me to build my version of success but also create a space where other business owners feel safe to show up as their full and authentic selves.

And I want to help you do the same. 

If you want to feel good about the business you’re running, and if you want to make an impact by helping your clients reach their goals without ever compromising who they are — let’s talk.